Christina Meredith

“This country gives us the opportunity to dream. The backbone of our nation is the American dream and the beauty is, no matter where you come from, you can choose it! Serving my family, my community, and my country is that dream for me. It is my duty to ensure Florida families have every opportunity to thrive and our First Coast is a beacon of freedom for our great nation!”

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The Backbone of Our Nation
Is The American Dream

With hard work and a heart full of dreams, anyone can reach greatness in America, even a foster kid like me.

Christina Meredith

Whether it’s in uniform or the state legislature, my commitment to service remains the same. I will make a positive difference in the lives of the people in Jacksonville.

Christina Meredith

On The Issues


Constitutional Conservative; Christina believes in the power of preserving Family, protecting all children and our right to bear arms. Her dedication to serving families and children is unmatched. Christina will fight to ensure our right to defend ourselves is not infringed upon. Pro-family, Pro-life, Pro 2nd!


Police and Military Support; Christina is a soldier who understands the critical importance of ensuring our LEO’s and MIL have the tools and resources they need to protect our communities and country.

Protect FL Water – Christina’s passion for protecting our Florida water is unwavering. She will ensure our most precious resource is protected, for tourists, families, and businesses.

Pro-Business – Christina will fight against government overreach and support the flourishing of Florida businesses through educational opportunities, supporting job growth, cutting red tape and lowering taxes.

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